Cyber Monday Sale!

To celebrate the release of our latest DVD set, “Understanding CreativeStudio Starter Bundle,” we are holding a very special Cyber Monday sale*!

Normally $95, we are currently offering a 25% discount, lowering the price to only $71.25! Click here to purchase

Quilt-Artistry-Studio-Understanding-CreativeStudio-DVD-Case-006 Quilt-Artistry-Studio-Understanding-CreativeStudio-DVD-Case-010

This series of DVDs is designed and created with a new CreativeStudio owner in mind. The CreativeStudio program is an extremely complex and detailed operating system providing the owner with a very wide range of capabilities and options that are limited only by one’s imagination. As a result, the program can be frustrating to new users. It is helpful to become familiar with the basics first and, as confidence is gained, explore learning new and more complex features. This series of DVDs is designed to assist in this learning process.

The goal of this set is to explain the basic structure of the program – displays, buttons, tables, icons – and to enable the new user to confidently quilt using the Edge-to-Edge mode, which is the most popular method of quilting. As the purpose of these DVDs is to help and not confuse, only the basic steps and features are explained and demonstrated. There will be plenty of time later for the user to learn and explore all the different ways certain tasks can be accomplished.

Disc 1: Software Overview
Start-up and Point of Origin
Laser Calibration
Configuration Tables
Display and Data Tables
File Management

Disc 2: Edge-to-Edge
Introduction & Quilt Mounting
Edge-to-Edge Setup
Edge-to-Edge Stitchout
Edge-to-Edge in Repeat Pattern Mode

Approximately 4 hours of content!

Along with the Understanding CreativeStudio Starter Bundle being on sale, all of our CreativeStudio Live Online Training DVDs are also 50% off.

*Sale actually runs the full week!