Featured Quilts

Welcome our Quilt Gallery!  Many of the quilts presented here were pieced by our clients and then quilted in our studio.  We love seeing the beautiful quilt-tops that our clients bring to the studio!  It is our goal to choose quilting designs that will perfectly complement and enhance the quilt-top that the piecer has so thoughtfully and carefully constructed and still stay within their budget.

When someone drops off a quilt to be quilted at our studio, we usually spend time going over possible quilt designs and often a decision is made at that time.  Sometimes, Al will create 3 or more quilting design proposals that are emailed to the client so that they can choose the pattern that they like best.  In some cases, we have included the proposal design that was chosen for the quilt that is presented in our gallery.

We hope you enjoy viewing these quilts.  Please remember to click on the thumb-nail photos to see more details of the quilt.  Thank you for stopping by!