FlowerOur quilting rates are determined by the size of your quilt and the complexity of the quilting design that you choose. Basically, the rates for quilting are divided into 3 categories:

1. All-over or Edge-to-Edge Quilting – in which one pattern covers the entire quilt. Examples of this type of pattern are: stipple or meander, or a simple flower, animal, or geometric design. The larger and simpler the pattern, the less expensive it is. Smaller and more dense or complicated patterns take longer to stitch out thus they are more expensive. Price: .015 – .02 cents per square inch.

2. Semi-Custom – in which special designs are placed in an outer border with one edge-to-edge design placed into the body of the quilt. Price: .025 – .049 cents per square inch.

3. Custom –┬áthis category covers a wide range of designs and techniques including special designs in individual blocks, borders, & sashing; free-motion quilting; significant stitch in the ditch and/or outlining, etc. Price: $25.00 per hour.

When you bring your quilt in, you may have an idea of how you would like to have your quilt quilted or you may want to look through our patterns. Once we have reviewed your suggestions and ideas, Al will design 2 to 4 quilting plan options which will include pricing for each option that he will email to you for your review and approval. This way, you will know how much the quilting will cost before we actually begin working on your quilt.

We have a large selection of high quality threads so you can choose an appropriate color for your quilt. There is no extra fee for thread. We carry several types of batting including cotton, cotton/poly blend, and wool. We also have several bolts of wide backing fabric that you may want to choose to back you quilt.